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Looking for private or group lessons so that you can bring out your A game? From technique and strategy to mental toughness and physical conditioning, we'll help you take your game to the next level. Contact us to schedule a lesson and start your journey to success on the court!

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6 Reasons Why You Should HIRE
A Tennis Coach

Tennis is a sport widely enjoyed by millions of people around the globe. It is an excellent activity where you can have fun, stay active, and challenge yourself physically and mentally.

However, great tennis players make more than just killer serves. Winning the sport involves learning a multitude of strokes and techniques that you can only discover from professional tennis coaching at Tennis Club Kordin.


Here are some reasons why you should start seeing a professional tennis coach:

  1.  Mentoring  | As a tennis coach, the most important thing is to mentor the student. That means that your tennis coach will teach you in a personalised way to tackle different opponents and learn what needs to be done to win the game. Moreover, your tennis coach will also help you prepare for matches mentally and physically. In short, your coach will be sure to keep you motivated to train harder each session!

  2.  Improve technique  | Yes, tennis coaches are experts in the game and can help you improve your technique. Coaches can recognise mistakes and flaws that you would not usually spot. Coaches have a keen eye, and that is what makes them great coaches. Coaches will provide you with insight into the mistakes that you are making and give you the necessary actions to take to correct all mistakes and flaws that can hinder your progress as a tennis player.

  3.  Develop an effective strategy  | Tennis coaches can help you develop a game strategy. Wait, did you know there exists a multitude of tennis strategies? For example, you may love baseline rallies, but hate coming to the net. Or maybe you are more suited for a serve and volley game (be sure to keep your racquet in front of your face, you don't want to take a ball to the face)! Having an effective strategy can make a huge difference, in fact, you can have an ugly stroke yet still defeat a player who has a perfect forehand and a Federer-style slice. The point is that tennis coaches will help you build an effective game plan.

  4.  Increase fitness and stamina  | Well, tennis coaching is not just about accurately hitting a ball. It also involves training your fitness and stamina so you'll be able to play longer and harder without getting fatigued and injured.

  5.  Personalised feedback  | Tennis coaching sessions provide you with personalised feedback on your performance. Coaches will also motivate you to elevate your game through personalised feedback. A great tennis coach knows how to support a tennis player and help them kick into gear to serve those aces on the court. Never underestimate the help of a tennis coach!

  6.  Sticking to realistic goals  | Great coaches are honest and will give you the most truthful performance assessments. You may have won five games in a row and think that you are the next Serena Williams or Carlos Alcaraz, but your coach will be honest with you and point out what you are doing wrong. Even if they seem annoying, your coach will help you set reachable goals and continue pushing you to your limits.


In conclusion, taking tennis coaching sessions can be highly beneficial to anyone looking to improve their game. Sure, it costs a lot, but education is always priceless. By hiring a tennis coach at Tennis Club Kordin, you will have a trainer, mentor, motivator, strategist and technical expert in one. Working with a pro coach will surely be worth the training and support you'll get.

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