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Please take the time to review the following rules and guidelines for using the facilities at Tennis Club Kordin. Cooperation from each member is vital in maintaining a courteous and pleasant atmosphere for the enjoyment of all who play tennis at Tennis Club Kordin.

Your safety and the proper maintenance of the courts are our top priorities. Members who witness improper ethics or etiquette are asked to inform the TCK Committee immediately via phone, email, or in person. The TCK Committee is in full charge of the tennis facilities holding the authority to interpret and enforce the Rules and Regulations.

  1. Members and non-members who attend Tennis Club Kordin must adhere to the Rules and Regulations set up by the Club’s Committee.

  2. All club tournaments are organised and managed by the TCK Committee. During Team Tournaments, a Committee member is always on-site to ensure the overall conduct of the games.

  3. All tennis activities on the Club’s premises must be approved by the Club’s Committee.

  4. Prices of court bookings may vary from time to time depending on whether floodlights are being used. A session for a court booking is 1hr 30 mins.

  5. Courts will not be available for bookings during maintenance works and where necessary. Depending on adverse weather conditions ( rain or wind exceeding 32km/h ), the Committee has the right to cancel bookings of courts.

  6. Children under the age of 12 may use the courts only if accompanied or supervised by an adult, or unless they are participating in a sponsored and/or Committee approved program.

  7. Members who fail to comply with tennis rules, policies, and procedures may be subject to action by Tennis Club Kordin Committee.

  8. Should an incident occur wherein the club members are involved, the TCK committee has the right to intervene and take the necessary action, according to the particular case while being consistent with the overall club policies. The actions that may lead to a warning or dismissal of players from the Court and/or Club are the following:

    • Disregard for court rules.

    • Smoking while on the Courts.

    • Unsportsmanlike Conduct, including profanity and racquet throwing.

    • Inappropriate behavior towards Club Staff or other Members and Guests.

  9. Tennis Club Dress Code:

    • The main rule is that players are expected to present themselves in a professional manner and wear recognized tennis attire, while one should wear tennis shoes with non-marking soles.

  10. Tennis Club Hours and Court Bookings:

    • The court booking schedule is available for booking online weekly, every Sunday from 09:00 onward. Court reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis via the online court reservation system; however, members may only book one court from 09:00 until 12:00, while after 12:00 one may book any number of slots as required.

    • Slots for bookings of courts are available from 17:30 to 22:00, however in certain circumstances, these may be blocked or altered by the Committee in case of rained-off tournament games or as deemed necessary by the Club.

    • Members paying for the fingerprint access add-on are allowed to book courts at any time of the day as made available in the court schedule.

    • At least half an hour before the start of any court booking, members are required to log onto the booking system and go to the court schedule to check in. Checking-in allows the court floodlight system to work automatically during the allocated court slot – given that the court slot in question is during the evening. Failure to check in will result in the floodlights switching off.

  11. Please ensure that all courts are left clean before leaving the court. This will give the following players a clean court and help maintain the courts’ condition.

  12. Guest Use:

    • A member can bring a total of 3 guests for three times per year. The guest will then need to pay the membership fee to make future use of the Club’s facilities.

    • Guests are not allowed to reserve tennis courts online. They must contact the TCK Committee to book the court online and pay the guest fee before going to the court. Members must accompany guests on the court at all times.

    • The TCK Committee reserve the right to exclude guest play at any specific time.

  13. Coaching:

    • All coaching sessions are to be conducted by the in-house tennis school operating within the Club.

    • Members can use unlimited number of balls and a bucket/hopper when playing with their immediate family (Wife, Husband, Partner, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Son or Daughter)

    • For all other instances no buckets/hoppers are allowed and no more than 12 balls can be utilised in the court. 

    • For coaching sessions, please refer to our Coaching page.

  14. All persons using any of the Club’s facilities do so at their own risk. The Club assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for the loss or damage to personal property. A parent, guardian or responsible babysitter must supervise children under 12 years of age.


View the Club's Statute

The Club's Statute as well as the Regulations are key to the sport of tennis and to the Club itself in order to maintain order amongst members. The Club encourages all members to play both friendlies and competitive matches with good sportsmanship.

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