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At Tennis Club Kordin, we make sure to give you the flexibility and support you need to keep you moving and achieving more goals. Our high-level facilities will surely help you get there easier. Scroll down to see all the facilities that our club offers.


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Automated External Defibrillator

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Gate Access

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Mini Tennis

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All-Access Bathrooms

All-Access Bathrooms

The club is all about inclusivity. In fact, it offers wheelchair-accessible bathrooms to ensure that everyone can use our premises. These can be found next to the clubhouse, just before Court 4.

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AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

Safety and comfort are a priority for the club. TCK has an installed AED in the all access bathrooms. This is a life saving device that is fully automated and should be used whenever a person is in a cardiac arrest. We invite you to watch this short clip to be aware of what this device is and how it functions, it’s easy, and can be used by everyone! This can save a life!

Fingerprint Gate Access

TCK provides fingerprint access to those members that pay an annual fee of €15.00. Upon payment, members will be able to access all court bookings at any time. Simply unlock the gate and play as you wish. (But don’t forget to close it behind you!)

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TCK Clubhouse

Finished from a match but too tired to cook? Don’t worry, the clubhouse can fix you up with a good meal and a drink or two. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the company of some friends while enjoying some tennis too. 

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Weather Station

Come rain or shine, the club's weather station will give you a precise reading of the weather conditions within the club's premises.  You can easily see whether the Grigalata is affecting the courts at TCK!


Have a look at the current weather conditions!

Weather Station

Mini Tennis Court

Everyone is welcome to play tennis at TCK, even the youngsters. The mini tennis court between Courts 3 and 4 are perfect for your kids to play together with their friends.

Mini Tennis Court

Racquet Stringing

Imagine you’re in a match and you hear a sharp SNAP! It’s your racquet strings, you snapped them with your powerful topspin! Don’t worry, you can contact Nando Sigona on 9940 6966 and he’ll fix you with fresh strings for your racquet.

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Tennis Merchandise

Get your TCK towel or buy your new tennis racquet from our office. We offer top of the range Wilson products for every player, beginner or advanced. If you need help, worry not, as you can ask at the office for guidance. We will be more than happy to help.



Stay connected at all times while you're at TCK! You can easily share with your friends and followers some live game updates about any of the on going matches.

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